Electrolysis Tip

Talk to your electrologist about any questions or concerns. We want your experience to be as comfortable and effective as possible.

Electrolysis Tip

It's okay to shave between treatments, but never, ever tweeze!

Never tweeze between treatments.

Electrolysis Tip

Clean skin releases unwanted hair more easily. Remove your makeup before your appointment, Remove makeup prior to your electrolysis appointment.so the hair follicles are clean and accessible.

Electrolysis Tip

For a more comfortable treatment, avoid caffeine for a few hours before your appointment.

Did you know?

Gently exfoliating your skin before your treatment opens up the follicles and lets the unwanted hair slide out more easily.

Electrolysis Tip

HydrateHydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
Drinking plenty of water helps unwanted hair slide right out.

Did you know?

If your electrologist can't see the hairs, they can't zap the hairs. Plucking, waxing, threading, or tweezing before your hair removal appointment reduces the number of hairs your electrologist can remove.

Did you Know?

Electrology is the only hair removal method recognized as permanent by the FDA.

Did you know?

The hair you see is not all the hair you have. Hair grows in cycles. That's why it takes more than one appointment to permanently clear an area.

Electrolysis Tip

Ask your electrologist for aftercare advice. We can recommend the product that is right for your skin and treatment program.

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Client Testimonials

Hair N' Gone Today Electrolysis

I have used the electrolysis services of Shelley Barouh of Hair N Gone Today Electrolysis for over 12 months now and have been delighted with the service I have received. We have had such great results that we have treated multiple areas. First of all, Shelly is highly competent. Her involvement in the local and national chapters of the Washington State Electrologists Association and the American Electrology Association helps me know that she is in good professional standing. She works quickly and efficiently which gives me a great 'bang for the buck.' Shelley is a woman of high integrity and that makes it a pleasure to do business with her. Shelley immediately sets me at ease and that's important for the kind of work that she does. I must say that having my eyebrows done was the smartest move I've ever made!! No more waxing or tweezing every 4 weeks! I give my highest recommendation to Shelley for any one that needs electrolysis.

Amazing! Shelley has transformed my problem area to the point where it is not a problem anymore. The results are incredible! I can not say enough great things about Shelley and the work she does.

Before meeting Shelley, I needed to wear makeup all the time. My skin was angry red from so much tweezing and many ingrown hairs. My social life and any outside activities were limited to things that had no chance of any makeup being removed. It limited my life. Meeting Shelley and having electrolysis changed my life. I only wear makeup when I want to and I'm not held prisoner to a limited life of hiding facial hair or constantly worried if people could see it or were staring at me. Thanks Shelley!

I am so glad that I came across Shelley's ad for Hair N Gone Electrolysis and decided to give her a try. That was about a year ago and I am very pleased with the results I am seeing. My experience with Shelley has been extremely positive and I am finding her to be very knowledgeable about electrolysis, and highly skilled. I love that Shelley is always upbeat and in a good mood, which really helps me relax and feel comfortable. I feel very confident recommending Shelley; she is a true professional and a great person.

My only regret about getting electrolysis is that I didn't start earlier.

I went through menopause early and with that came the "chin whiskers". First one here and one there and then it got out of hand. I found I was tweezing and picking at my face all the time! As a result, besides the hair, the acne was also out of control. Since I started using Shelley services, I've quit tweezing, my face is much clearer and what's more. I don't feel embarrassed when I'm in face to face conversations with people because no matter how much I tweezed, there were always hairs I didn't get. Shelley is always very thorough and takes the time to do a good job. Her hours are flexible too making it easy to continue the treatment. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with unwanted hair.

I was very nervous about beginning this treatment at first, but looking back, going ahead and doing it was the best thing I had done for myself in a long time. After successfully treating the areas that were bothering me, my self-esteem skyrocketed. I used to feel bad about being so self-conscious...you're supposed to be happy just the way you are. But in reality, if it bothers you, it's worth doing something about it. This treatment is worth it. Shelley is a great person, and she makes you feel very comfortable. She is fun to talk with on top of that, which makes the time pass faster. And she always works a few minutes longer than scheduled whenever she can. She is truly dedicated to her work! The treatment doesn't hurt, and it does work, but you must be consistent. But it will pay off when you're a happier, more beautiful person both on the inside and outside!!
Anonymous client

I've been seeing Shelley for about three years and am very pleased with the results. Shelley started with the hair on my chin and cheek area and then the eye brows. She is now on my underarm area. My chin and brows need very little attention now. I am so happy not having to use hot wax or tweezers anymore. Shelley is very good at what she does. She works very hard at getting all the hairs, even the ones you might not see. She sees them all, and gets them all. I would very highly recommend Shelley (Hair N Gone Today Electrolysis) to anyone wanting to get rid of unwanted hair.

I have been undergoing electrolysis on my lower chin and upper lip for a few years. The results have been absolutely amazing. I started seeing Shelley a little over three years ago. I came to her with my head held low because I was so embarrassed about the facial hair that I had on my chin. I tried plucking, which only resulted in more hair and damage to my skin. It was terrible. Shelley gave me hope because every treatment my skin and facial hair problem got better. Now I don't even think twice about putting my head down. I don't have to cake on the makeup because my skin is clear and the facial hair has permanently disappeared. Shelley is not only good at what she does, she is also a wonderful person. I give her my highest recommendation. Thank you, Shelley!

I am an African American female with very dark curly and course hair. When I started with Shelly, I had very low confidence do to the unsightly hair on my face. Waxing seemed to make matters worst. I did not think anything could do the trick for ridding them. In a short period of time, Shelley has transformed me into a lady with tons of confidence and beautiful hair free skin! Her results are phenomenal! The environment is very relaxing and soothing. I am so pleased and very blessed to have her as my personal electrologist.